The Heritability of attractiveness and intelligence

Intelligence and beauty are correlated and sexually attractive people are often more intelligent than less attractive people.

This is the conclusion of Kanazawa’s and Kovar’s paper in 2011, Why beautiful people are more intelligent.

By baking four auxiliary assumptions their logic is sort of solid and not that holistic, when you first look at it. And assume that there are no other components. The problem with this is that their theories are highly deductive and ignore the fact of individual preferences in partners.

The Four Assumptions

“ #1. More intelligent men are more likely to occupy higher status than less intelligent men.

#2. Higher-status men are more likely to mate with more beautiful women than lower status


#3. Intelligence is heritable, such that sons and daughters of more intelligent men are more

Intelligent than sons and daughters of less intelligent men.

# 4. Beauty is heritable, such that sons and daughters of more beautiful women are more

beautiful than sons and daughters of less beautiful women.”

(Kanazawa, S. & Kovar, J.L. (2004). Why Beautiful people are more intelligent).


They also mention in their own paper that the same assumptions goes for aggression and attractiveness and that if a person is super gorgeous – they are most likely super aggressive as well.

Beautiful people who submit a photo with their CV are more likely to be called to interviews, and if they are attractive in real life as well they seem to have higher employability. This is however Not the case for beautiful women. More attractive women are actually Less likely to be employed, due to a “dumb blonde theory”, and they experience discrimination instead of benefits for their looks.  The reason for the higher employability rate among appealing males could be a halo effect, or is it that there is a pre-programmed mechanism in the brain that already knows that a good looking person IS more employable?

This system is already supported; it is called “reward system” and was discovered by Guégen in 2007. He tested this by using women with different breast-sized to see if the size of their lovelies would affect their “help-rate”. The results where: Bigger breasts – more help.

A reward system in the brain tells us to reward beautiful people because they are more intelligent and deserve our help. They are also more employable because they are more intelligent and will do a better job than someone who is not as beautiful. Personality can be seen in the face of an individual and therefore an employer is able to look for desirable or non-desirable personality traits in a job applicant.

These results strongly supports that a beautiful person earns the opportunity to be more successful than his or hers less attractive compeer.


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